Conversion rate optimization is highly dependent on different factors, one of which is the quality of content and the appeal of the overall text that you generate.

Being a content marketing specialist, it is one of the most important key performance indicators that you should know about. CRO refers to the practices that help in increasing the number of people who visit your website and fulfill the goals of your CRO strategy.

It can be greatly improved by focusing on the style, content type, and the value of information shared in the content.

In this article, we explain the best tips and techniques that will help you improve your content writing approach and hence improve your conversion rate optimization in return.

1. Work on topic-driven content

The beauty of working on topic-driven content is that you can mold it into whatever direction you want. You have a good topic that attracts the audience, now you need to show your talent and convert it into an appealing and eye-catching piece of content that's worth reading.

The most popular content types in the market these days are the valuable

  • how-to articles,
  • blog posts,
  • latest advancements and details about new tech,
  • and news articles to raise awareness or alert readers with promotional material.

Moreover, with topic-driven content, you can break free from the typical idea of searching for the right keywords and then using them in your content. This way your content writing can take new forms and entertain your viewers in a much better way.

Also, while focusing on this, make sure you organize the structure of your content well. From the introduction to the end, the content must be striking with appropriate subtopics and categories with interesting bullet points and visuals added to it. All of this offers great help in improving search engine optimization. The content tilt, unique content angle, appropriate user intent, and content aggregation with the help of tagging; all these things help take the search engine optimization to the next level.


2. Focus on visual content

Visual Content

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Statistics show that 85% of adults view content on multiple devices at the very same time. This alarms you, doesn’t it? This means that you need to give your viewers an amazing time so that they don’t drift away from your web page. And, for this, opting for visual content to keep their interest intact is one of the best options. Why so? Well, the Brain Rule Number 10 by John Medina says that vision trumps all other senses.

If you listen to a piece of information, after three days you’ll remember only 10% of it but if you pair a relevant image with the content, the chances of remembering it increase up to 65%.

This is why content marketing strategies now support having visual content for business brands. The visual content includes images, infographics, videos, and GIFs. For the past few years, this technique has gained momentum and is now widely used to attract customers to websites making them convert more easily.

According to a 2016 content marketing institute survey, creating visual content was among the top five priorities for B2C content creators. By 2018, the use of videos as a source of visual content is preferred by 35% of marketers. The Lowes Home Improvement stores prove this by saying that their how-to videos shown in VR had a 36% higher recall rate by viewers over the simple YouTube videos. Thus, focus on this sector and find innovative ways to make your content unique.


3. Live video content is killing the market

Our next amazing content writing tip that will help you boost your results for conversion is the use of live videos.

Where does the role of content fit in here? Well, whatever you speak or show on the live video is actually the content that you are delivering and promoting among the viewers. As far as live videos are concerned, investing in them will help you engage the audience. The statistic on HubSpot shows that live videos on Facebook have a 4.3% engagement rate as compared to 2.2% for the non-live videos.  

What are the live videos about? This is the tricky question that needs to be answered. Most marketers and content creators use the technique of storytelling in their live videos. This really grabs the attention of the viewer!

Also, you can show a live background working station to show them the efforts your team put in to make their lives easier. This is what confirms the presence of your viewer.


4. SEO of the content

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While writing your content, you need to ensure that it's optimized for search engines.

SEO copywriting supports the content generated for the online customers and viewers. Moreover, Google’s Ranking Algorithm tells you that content SEO is really important. From on-page SEO to link building, external links to the page, traffic-driving content, on-page keyword usage, and web architecture; everything plays an immensely major role in promoting the content. Thus, when writing the content in order to boost CRO, make sure you have implemented the latest SEO trends and techniques into it. This brings your content to the top page on Google and increases the conversion rate.

Digital marketer Lee Odden describes the relationship between content and SEO in a June 2014 article for the Content Marketing Institute by saying, “Think of SEO this way: If a customer-focused content marketing program is the sandwich, then SEO is the mayonnaise. It touches nearly everything and enhances the overall flavor of the sandwich.”


 5. Generate binge-worthy content

Yes, you read it right! Your goal should be to generate binge-worthy content for a website whether it is a business website or an entertainment one.

The word binge became popular once Netflix came into action. All content writers are now admiring this approach and how well the Netflix platform has established itself with the help of the content. Do you know why it's so famous? Well, Netflix’s content budget for 2018 was an expected $13B which allowed the team to stream more than 700 shows while keeping intact the attention and interest of the viewers by giving out news that there is more new stuff to look forward to.

Content is a powerful weapon and the marketing team at this entertaining and thrilling portal knows that. Thus, by using content correctly, you can grab the focus and interest of a whole lot of people.


6. Optimize the "above the fold" part of your website

Your website’s outlook matters a lot when you are up for making conversions. One of the elegant approaches is to optimize the "above the fold" part of your website — the part visitors see before scrolling down. It is estimated that among all web visitors, 80% of their time is being spent above the fold. So, you need to realize how significant it is to optimize this area for ultimate conversions. There are a few things you need to include above the fold:

  • Mention all the services your business is offering. This can be in the header part of your website.
  • Encapsulate all the features of the product or service in the form of a short and concise depiction.
  • Include the price tag for that product or service.

Make sure that all the necessary must-see information is available above the fold. In the image below, we can see the product page of Magento 2 customer attributes extension, which is a good example of proper above-the-fold optimization.

Magento Extensions - Additional Registration Fields and Attributes for Magento 2Image Source:


7. Do measure your content’s impact

What’s the point of writing content and publishing it if you don’t look into what’s good for your website and what’s not? Check out the bounce rate of each of your web pages. Those pages with high bounce rate offer a minimum attraction to the customers/viewers.

By checking the metrics, you can find out which content is beneficial for you and which you need to change. According to the CMI and MarketingProfs, 75% of content marketers use technology to have an insight into how well their content is performing while the other 56% use it to know about their audience's preference and behavior.


8. Increase the accessibility of your content – Go social!

One of the many things required from the content is that it reaches and is suitable for a large number of people. The writers are required to increase the accessibility of the content they have generated.

This increases the number of viewers and so gets your content appreciated by a huge populace. One way to market your content is to launch it on social media and ask the followers of your page to open the link for the article or share it, further enhancing the reach of the content.


9. Voice search enhancement

Voice Search

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The good news for all the content writers is that their content is reviewed via voice search as well. This means that you need to incorporate answers to questions asked in native language by the viewers. The more simple, elaborative and to-the-point your answer is, the more CRO you’ll get.

The research has it that by 2020, the proportion of online searches performed through voice search is said to increase to 50 percent. To favor this, you need to write long-tail content as it appears better and is preferred for top rankings in response to voice search.


10. Impressive and multiple CTAs

Sometimes simply adding a new call to action or changing the color of the CTA button helps by compelling the viewer to press it. This in return boosts the CRO. Two ways in which you can enhance the effect of the CTA within the content are:

  1. By changing the format/color/style of the CTA
  2. Use of multiple CTAs with striking words to keep the interest of the viewer intact


Are you ready to try?

With this, we conclude our top ten content writing tips that will help you improve your CRO. The success lies in implementing a couple of the tips together for better results. Content marketing and writing is a BIG DEAL in the world of online and digital marketing. You need to get a good grip on it before it fails the entire idea of your business’s presence.

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