Online store owners love to save time and money. The more they have of both, the more they can focus on what really matters… growing their business.

In that very same spirit of savings, 3dcart is proud to announce its new partnership with ShippingEasy, a premiere cloud-based shipping solution that offers discounted USPS postage and streamlines the shipping process, including returns and exchanges.

ShippingEasy now integrates with 3dcart to allow your e-store’s order, tracking and fulfillment data to populate in real-time. In other words, the ShippingEasy software downloads new orders from your 3dcart store(s) and automatically assigns shipping preferences, rates and delivery options so you don’t have to.

Users can also print shipping labels and branded-packing slips without having to export data or cut-and-paste information into third-party applications. Tracking numbers and delivery status’ are then auto-populated in both ShippingEasy and 3dcart enabling effective buyer communication.

Powerful, scalable and easy to use, ShippingEasy helps 3dcart store owners reduce postal errors and keep customers positive about their buying experience.

Additional features you’re sure to love…

  • FREE Starter plan for smaller merchants shipping less than 50 packages per month
  • Immediate access to ShippingEasy’s USPS rate partners delivering heavily discounted postage typically reserved for Fortune 500 companies
  • Streamlined order fulfillment with batch processing and print functionality
  • Auto-populate customs forms and simplify international shipments
  • Real-time updates back to your 3dcart store, including shipping status’ and tracking numbers
  • Send email notifications to your customers (optional) with tracking numbers to reduce queries and reassure buyers
  • One-click returns using original shipment settings along with a PDF emailed straight to your customer for easy print and send
  • Easily process non-store orders for those that originate outside your e-store (e.g. markets, retail store, etc…)
  • Friendly, helpful service is always a phone call away. 3dcart: 1-800-828-6650 | ShippingEasy:  1-888-603-9495.

Integrate your 3dcart Store with ShippingEasy in less than 60 seconds and streamline your order processing, shipping and parcel returns today!

For more information or to get started, please visit:


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