Shopping cart abandonment is a problem for nearly every online merchant, and it can seem like a pretty big obstacle. How do you stop customers from abandoning their carts? Why do they abandon them in the first place? How much is this costing you in sales? These are all questions that need to be answered before you can effectively address the problem.

First, what is shopping cart abandonment? Shopping cart abandonment occurs when a customer puts items into their cart but leaves the site without finishing their purchase. An average of 68.63% of carts are abandoned, costing online merchants over half of their sales. Yikes!

So how do you stop customers from abandoning their carts? In order to come up with an effective strategy, you need to first understand what causes cart abandonment. The primary reason is a price discrepancy— once the customer reaches the checkout page, the price is higher than they expected. Another common reason is that the checkout procedure itself is confusing. The third most commonly-cited reason is that the customer has second thoughts about buying online because the website doesn't appear secure.

How 3dcart manages shopping cart abandonment

3dcart's platform is geared toward maximizing your sales, and that includes addressing cart abandonment and all its causes. Here are some of 3dcart's features which work directly toward eliminating the causes of abandoned carts:

  • Shipping costs automatically visible in View Cart: Including the shipping costs in the View Cart window prevents a surprise increase in price, eliminating the reason given for 28% of all abandoned carts.
  • Optional single-page checkout: A quick single-step checkout keeps it simple, minimizing issues and eliminating the reason behind an additional 12% of abandoned carts.
  • Secure payments: 3dcart is PCI-certified and implements SSL technology and anti-fraud measures, putting to rest customer worries about the security of their data.

What other anti-abandonment features does 3dcart offer?

Quite a few, actually! Since cart abandonment can be caused by so many different things, 3dcart takes into account anything that can make purchasing more comfortable for your customers. With 3dcart, you can accept over 100 payment methods, giving your customers many options. You can implement a guest checkout so they don't have to log in to your store. We even have specialty apps to remind customers about their abandoned carts, and our 3dboost app to engage shoppers before they leave your store.

For more information on 3dcart's Abandoned Cart tools, check out our Cart Abandonment page.