Running an online store means taking advantage of the various avenues that will expand your customer base and increase revenue. At 3dcart, we know that better than anyone, which is why we made integration with eBay and Amazon a top priority. With 3dcart, online retailers everywhere are able to better compete with larger online brands, expand their market with higher product visibility, and consequently better cater to their customers via multiple sales channels.

With 3dcart’s eBay integration, retailers are able to take products directly from their 3dcart store and list them on eBay. Whether you’re looking to create an “auction” or “buy-it-now” listing, 3dcart allows you the flexibility to conveniently manage your eBay listings directly from your Online Store Manager. Furthermore, orders from eBay can also be found within your admin, allowing for easy order processing, inventory control, and management.

Additional features of the eBay integration include return policy settings, item specific setup rules (i.e. item condition), buyer and shipping location blockings and/or control, and the ability to pull category structures into 3dcart for continuity. Special integrations such as “eBay Motors” can also be accommodated within the format and platform.

3dcart’s Amazon Integration similarly allows you to import your Amazon Seller Central orders directly into your 3dcart store for reporting and centralization, saving Amazon Sellers valuable time and energy. This integration allows for convenient, centralized order management from one advantageous interface. It’s important to note that the Amazon integration does not allow for retailers to list items from their store to Amazon (or vice/versa). However, Amazon Sellers will find their workload considerably lessened with the advantages and convenience of the 3dcart Amazon Order Integration.

We at 3dcart are always looking for ways to better streamline and centralize eCommerce channels. Whether you’re looking to integrate with eBay, Amazon, or both, integration via 3dcart is an optimal way to strengthen your business while providing you with the tools to easily manage and process orders. Why log into two or three separate sites when everything can be managed from one central location? Stay ahead of the industry’s trends and expand your market today by integrating with eBay and/or Amazon.

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