Online store owners know how hard shipping & logistics can be without the right tools. There are so many factors at play with just one order, it’s easy to overcharge/undercharge your clients, botch a delivery date, mix up an order or provide inaccurate tracking information. And since your business operates on the Internet, all it takes is a few shipping failures to send your store’s online reputation into a tailspin from which recovery is never guaranteed.

Remember those situations we referenced at the top of this story? Good, because we’re about to introduce a shipping tool that can now be used by every 3dcart client. Without further delay, your attention please… it is with great pleasure that we present our newest industry partner,

With, 3dcart customers can print shipping labels for all USPS® mail classes directly through a simple interface that works seamlessly with your 3dcart store.  And once you print your shipping labels, will automatically post-back the USPS tracking info back to your 3dcart store for each order.

Whether you ship one package a day or 1000, from your garage or from a giant warehouse, has the tools to make your USPS order fulfillment faster, more affordable and more efficient than ever before.

Special Offer for 3dcart Customers:

Now exclusively for 3dcart customers, try the No-Risk Trial for four weeks and get a free 5 lb. digital scale (S&H fee required) and up to $45 in free postage!  With no contracts and no hidden fees, is the perfect choice for every 3dcart customer. Click here to sign-up for now! Shipping Features Include:

Access Exclusive Shipping Discounts customers save up to 63% on Priority Mail Express® shipments, up to 20% on Priority Mail® shipments and up to 18% on First Class Package Service.

Shipping internationally? saves you up to 10% for Priority Mail Express International, up to 9% on Priority Mail International and up to 10% on all First Class Package International Service shipments. Package insurance is cheaper, too! Save up to 40% compared to USPS rates when you insure your shipments with

Eliminate Confusion with Hidden Postage®

The Hidden Postage feature allows you to print shipping labels without showing the value of the postage paid. With Hidden Postage, you can charge a fair Shipping & Handling fee without customer questions or complaints.

Print Custom Packing Slips

Make your fulfillment process a lot easier with an itemized packing slip for each package. It not only streamlines your shipping process but also gives your customers an itemized list to check against the contents of their packages. For added convenience, you can print packing slips separately on plain paper or on the same sheet as your shipping label.

Give Your Customers Peace of Mind with Every Order

With's "one-click" package tracking your customers will be able to check the status of their shipment at a moment's notice. The software will also send out customized email notifications to your customers letting them know their package is on its way. And of course you can always get a bird's-eye view of all of your shipments using our extensive reporting features.

Make it Easy on Your Customers with Automated Return Shipping Labels

Make life easier for your customers and for you. At your request, will email your customers a return shipping label for any package sent with either USPS Tracking or Signature Confirmation™. The label is pre-addressed and includes postage paid from your account (refundable if label is not used). Best of all, the label can be printed from any web browser.

Ensure Hassle-Free International Shipping

International shipping has never been easier or more affordable. No more trips to the Post Office. No more filling out complex forms by hand. has all the popular international mail classes including Priority Mail Express International, Priority Mail International and First Class Package International Service. Print all required forms (including customs forms) directly from the software in just a few clicks. Plus receive discounts up to 10% for Priority Mail Express International, up to 9% for Priority Mail International and up to 10% on First Class Package International Service.

Gain Efficiency with Batch Label Printing and Acceptance SCAN forms

Whether you print one shipping label at a time or print them all in one batch, fulfilling your e-commerce orders is a snap with When mailing multiple packages at the same time, you can use's popular SCAN forms. With SCAN forms, the USPS scans the barcode on each package to create an "acceptance" event of your entire shipment. This single master scan enters all of your associated packages into the USPS Track & Confirm database as "Shipment Accepted" and allows both you and your customers to see when the package entered the USPS mailstream.

Eliminate Trips to the Post Office

If you can do it at the Post Office you can do it with… 24/7. You can even access special services including Certified Mail, USPS Tracking, insurance and more. Just give your letters and packages to your mail carrier, drop them in a mail box or schedule a pick-up.

Gain Complete Visibility into your Postage Spending automatically keeps a detailed record of the postage you print. You can even assign cost codes for different customers or clients. This makes it easy for you to review your postage spending or to print a report for your files.

With just one click of the mouse, you can import all of your 3dcart store’s data into the interface where you can then effectively manage every order with ease and efficiency. All the shipping data, including USPS Tracking information, will automatically post back to your store giving you complete control over your inventory.


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