As an ecommerce merchant using FedEx and UPS, did you know that if your package is delivered even 60 seconds late, you’re entitled to a full shipping-cost refund?  Not many do, and that’s why nearly $2 billion in money-back-guarantee refunds go unclaimed every year!

On average, online store owners are wasting nearly four-to-six percent of their total shipping costs by not seeking out and filing for shipping refunds. In an effort to quantify this, let’s assume for a moment that your e-business spends $50K/year on shipping. Four-to-six percent means you could be saving $2-3K annually if you took the time track, discover and file for every shipping refund your company is entitled to.

Before we move on, let’s get real for a moment. E-store owners have a thousand things to worry about already, and we don’t expect them to spend vast amounts of time clocking every order they ship. Nor do we expect merchants to file refund claim after refund claim, a process that is both extremely tedious and tremendously time-consuming.

Remember that $2-3K we mentioned a few sentences ago? Well, what would you say if we were to tell you that you can get that money, every penny of it, in all but five-minutes of your time? Would that be something you’re interested in learning more about? If so, please read on. If not, go back to the top of this story and kindly try again.

What we’re about to tell you is very important, so perk up and pay attention. If you’re a 3dcart store owner who likes saving time and money, you need to check out the new application from 71lbs!

71lbs has built a robust compliance engine that automatically audits and claims shipping refunds for its customers. E-store owners simply provide their FedEx and UPS account information, and 71lbs will monitor each and every shipment while also filing late claims when applicable.

“71lbs is the only technology firm that that looks beyond shipping and utilizes shipping insights to provide instant savings. We work with forward-thinking individuals who want to make a difference in their companies’ operations and bottom line, in an industry known for resisting change,” according to the 71lbs website.

How does 71lbs work, exactly? Take a look at the video below to learn more now!

With no sign up fees, no monthly costs and no annual contract, 71lbs is a must-have application for all 3dcart store owners.

If you would like to request the 71lbs app, please visit the sign-up page. You can also take a look at the 71lbs application landing page in 3dcart’s App Store.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read, everyone. Have fun out there and happy selling.