If you have a physical store, you should definitely encourage your online visitors to drop by and check out your products. This is especially a helpful strategy to target those living nearby and those who prefer to actually see and touch the items.

It's even more useful to have a good store locator on your website if you actually have several different branches. After all, there are still plenty of shoppers who like to visit brick and mortar boutiques instead of buying your stuff over the Internet.

Why Choose StoreMapper?

3dcart merchants who have already installed and are using StoreMapper can attest to this app's remarkable features and benefits. Just picture how easy and convenient customers can find your stores if you have this kind of store locator readily available. What's great about it is that it's very easy to integrate into your web store within minutes only and without the need for any code!

Don't worry about the design because StoreMapper is easy to customize in order to match your online store and to maintain your company branding. And of course, you can make use of it as you expand around the world because you can actually incorporate an unlimited number of stores in various countries. And you can definitely tap even customers on the go because of the app's responsive design, perfect for mobile devices.

Imagine this: When an interested buyer goes to Google and types in "Where to buy…" along with the product you're offering, there's a much bigger chance that your store locator page will appear on the search results. Thus, this boosts your SEO too and your chances of being found by prospective customers.

StoreMapper goes hand-in-hand with Google Maps too, allowing you to place pertinent information such as contact details and also enabling people to get actual directions to your store from where they are located. Now that's really bound to do wonders for your business in the long run!

In addition, through the provided analytics tool, you'll also discover the places where your customers are searching but not finding your stores. Hence, such data will give you an idea where you can put up a new branch in the future.

If you're not yet fully convinced about the value of this app, you can go for the free 7-day trial before availing a monthly plan. Enjoy StoreMapper on your 3dcart e-store!