Alison McDonald

Alison McDonald
Alison McDonald is a freelance writer and blogger who has been writing about the convergence of business and technology for several years now and has had her work published in a wide range of publications. When she is not researching and writing an upcoming piece, she is usually out walking her dogs or training for an upcoming marathon.

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Web Design | 8 min read

Digital Marketing for eCommerce: How to Enhance Online Presence with Design

Good web design is essential for eCommerce businesses looking to improve their online presence. In this article, we'll take a look at 23 ways that you can enhance your website's design to boost engagement and conversions.

B2B eCommerce | 7 min read

Top Most Important SOPs for B2B eCommerce Businesses

B2B eCommerce is a rapidly growing industry, with businesses of all sizes looking to capitalize on the benefits of online sales and distribution. In order to be successful in this highly competitive environment, it is essential for companies to have well-defined and efficient standard operating procedures (SOPs) in place.

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