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Sam Warren
Sam is the marketing director at RankPay, a top-rated SEO service that helps thousands of business owners earn higher search rankings. When not writing or researching keywords, you'll often find him wrestling with his fearsome 9-pound chihuahua mutt Zig.

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SEO | 17 min read

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Product Page SEO

If you sell products online, I bet the following thought has crossed your mind more than once:

“How can I get consistent (and hopefully free) traffic to my product pages?”

The answer, of course, is search engine optimization, or ecommerce SEO in this case. Given time and effort, optimizing your product pages is truly worth it.

A study conducted by Chitika revealed that the first result on Google searches receives almost double the impressions of the second result.

Almost double!

The higher[...]

SEO | 7 min read

SEO Basics to Improve E-Commerce Sales

SEO is no walk in the park.

In fact, as far as online marketing is concerned, it’s easily one of the most intimidating disciplines.

High price tags, technical jargon, and esoteric “rules” prevent many ecommerce store owners from even getting their feet wet. If you’re among their ranks, we don’t blame you!

That being said, search engine optimization doesn’t actually have to be as confusing as it often seems.

In fact, you’ll likely see the most benefit from employing only the most fundamental[...]

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