Nearly a decade ago, young graduates earnestly worked toward securing a corporate career. However, in recent years, as decent jobs have become increasingly harder to acquire, fresh graduates have taken a new path - starting their own business.

While entrepreneurial success can be achieved by anyone, with age more or less just a number, the chances of success are greater at a relatively young age. Youth brings with it a mix of enthusiasm and risk-taking that wanes as the years pass by. With this in mind, successful entrepreneurs believe there’s no better time to start a business than when you’re in your millennials, especially when the business is based online.

Here’s a look at the 3 core reasons you should consider starting an online business in your mid-20's:

  1. Less Responsibility

Although you may be faced with a great deal of responsibility in your youth, you more than likely also have a degree of freedom that separates you from older generations. This wiggle-room allows for flexibility and room to grow, without the added pressure of extra responsibilities. Moreover, if your business fails, bouncing back is relatively easy and painless.

With youth comes the luxury of time and patience; you can learn from your mistakes as they arise, providing you with valuable experience and knowledge for your next endeavor. As the years pass by, you’ll find yourself burdened with greater responsibility, leaving little room to explore, learn and experiment with potential business ideas.

  1. Faster Personal Growth

While you may have more freedom and less responsibility in your 20’s, many young adults are unsure how to make that next big step toward adulthood. Starting an online business will not only provide you with an increased level of responsibility, it’ll open up new doors that will lead to personal growth and insight.

Running a business, regardless of age, takes the same level of commitment, hard work and dedication. Managing day to day business operations will provide you with valuable life lessons, helping you become a better, more rounded person on the whole. What better way to discover your true potential early in life than with a platform that requires minimal to zero investment?

  1. Ability to Work from Anywhere in the World

While traveling is more or less limited to adults, the optimal time to travel is when you’re still young and free. When you’re in your mid 20’s, you can experience the greater world without having to worry about adult responsibilities. For example, having children creates a limitation that will impede upon your ability to make decisions on the fly – after all, your success affects them as well.

The beauty of running an online business is that it allows you the freedom to work from virtually anywhere in the world, with connection to the internet the only requirement. Whereas other jobs and businesses require attendance at a specific location, an online business has no such requirement. Imagine running a business from a beach in Miami or from the scenic beauty of the Swiss Alps, all while minting money. With a mobile, online business, there’s no need to sacrifice personal freedom. Why choose a 9-6 office job when you can travel the world, taking your business with you?

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start up that online business you’ve been dreaming about.  Age is just a number, and success is just around the corner. Check out our plans and experience just how easy it is to sell online – 3dcart will be here for you every step of the way!