With all the online shops mushrooming all over, how in the world will you make sure that your customers will come back and won't go trooping to another store the next time around? Well, aside from having high quality products that offer something unique, you also need to ensure that each and every customer has a good time shopping at your Internet store.

Freebies, Discounts, and Promos

People just can't resist getting freebies! Why not give out a free item to every 100th visitor who buys something from your shop? Or perhaps you can prepare welcome gifts for first-time visitors.

What's more, coming up with different promos will keep shoppers excited and always eager to swing by and browse what you're offering. You can introduce a rewards program, weekly huge discounts on selected items, or Buy One Take One promos that pop up at random. Get creative with your gimmicks!

Social Gatherings and Events

Even online shoppers would love the chance to socialize and participate in a fun get-together at your store. Invite them for a virtual party to launch a new product. Schedule a forum discussion to talk about the latest trends. Hold a monthly fashion show wherein you feature photos of actual customers wearing or using your products and people can vote online for the best outfits, most creative shots, and more!

With such fun events, you'll be surprised at the turnout of attendees, participants, returning customers, and new followers.

Customized Products

Giving shoppers the opportunity to customize their favorite products will certainly take their shopping experience to a whole new level. For example, if you were selling slippers, wouldn't it be great if you could let your customers design them and then order their very own creations? They can pick the color, print, and embellishments. They can even personalize labels.

This one time dream is now a reality thanks to the Doogma Designer software which is now available to all of our 3dart online retailers. Through our partnership with Doogma, you can now avail of this cutting-edge product customization solution that your shoppers are bound to love. All you have to do is submit to us your products and the possible design choices so we can create the software and incorporate it into your online shop.

Give your customers the ultimate shopping experience--- make them feel special, enable them to have fun, and provide their money's worth. Leave an impact and you'll surely grow your loyal clientele.

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