If you still haven't applied 3dcart's affiliate program to your own online business, then you're missing out on a lot.

You've probably heard of many other businesses that utilize affiliates for their marketing campaigns. You ought to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to add to your marketing team without the need to make them into your employees.

On the other hand, maybe this is your first time to hear of such a thing. It's high time to educate yourself on affiliate marketing because this is a paramount type of marketing online which can boost your profits significantly.

3dcart has its very own affiliate program which retailers like you can set up within just a minute! This way, you can encourage visitors, customers, bloggers, and freelance marketers to promote your products and your online store for you.

Free Round-the-Clock Marketing
Once you have set up your 3dcart affiliate program, you can also upload up to three different banner designs and sizes that your approved affiliates can use to promote your store. They can post it in their own websites or share through social media. And because you can acquire marketers from around the world, you get to enjoy 24/7 marketing! Even if you're sleeping or on vacation, there are people endorsing your products and special offers on the Internet.

Using affiliates is essentially free because you don't really pay their efforts but simply share a portion of the profit from each sale. You also have the liberty to pick the amount or percentage you wish to award for each successful sale as the affiliate's commission.

Added Exposure and Promotion
Employing an affiliate program will certainly increase your company's exposure and will enhance free advertising for your newly launched products and special promos. Hence, in the long run, you can enjoy not just better SEO but greater profits.

When there are a lot of valid and good affiliates endorsing your business, you're bound to appear more credible and trustworthy in your niche. This will attract more potential buyers to your store.

Easy Control and Management
3dcart enables you easy control and management of the various elements of your affiliate program. For instance, you can opt to manually approve or deny each affiliate who signs up. You can also decide on the commission that every affiliate will get. It doesn't have to be uniform all throughout. Perhaps at times, there are some who may be more qualified or who are already loyal customers of yours to whom you'd like to extend a bigger share of sales.

In addition, you can effortlessly view every affiliate's statistics in order to monitor orders and payouts. You can also view and manage payout reports from your affiliate program dashboard.

With such privileges, you can modify your program as you desire and adapt them to various offers you have or even stores that you own. 3dcart has designed it so as to benefit you in the best way possible. All you need to do now is to use it and observe how brilliantly it helps your business.