We recently launched 3dupsell. The brand new feature helps online retailers recapture shoppers before they leave your site.

But there’s more to it than that. As a storeowner, you want to see the hard benefits. We also want to illustrate that 3dupsell is much more than a conversion feature. It can also help you develop a more effective marketing plan to draw in new customers. On the flip side, it can be used to increase brand loyalty among existing customers.

To accomplish these tasks, 3dupsell monitors the behavior of the shopper. It delivers relevant content to reengage the shopper based on rules customized by you. You can also choose between sliding bar, modal popup window and page peel techniques for reengagement.

But back to the bottom line. You want to make more revenue. So how can 3dupsell help? Check out our four revenue-enhancing benefits below.

1. Reignite the customer’s flame.

One of the most poignant benefits of 3dupsell is its ability to engage a shopper when his interest wanes. For instance, you can display a message after 10 page views, if the shopper navigates to another tab or just seconds after the user visits.

By presenting a targeted message, you increase the buyer’s sense of urgency while sweetening the deal with a promotion. In turn, you’ll gain more conversions.

2. Learn more about how to please your audience.

Not everything can be automated. You’re still planning to market to your products. But effective marketing depends on comprehensive knowledge of your audience.

Make your surveys go further by engaging more customers. 3dupsell also empowers you to prompt shoppers to take a survey. Understand how customers perceive your brand or dig deep into customer motivations with more effective surveys.

3. Gain a loyal following.

Email marketing is a strong part of how you draw return customers back into the sales funnel. Build a bigger mailing list using 3dupsell.

Customize your message around your newsletter or other email marketing opportunity. That way, you have the ability to gain more return sales.

4. Increase the success of promotions.

Your marketing and social media channels are great ways to launch promotions. But you can up the ante by placing automatic popup promotions. This is a great way to get the customer’s attention as soon as they visit your site, increasing the chance that they’ll buy something.

Have we piqued your interest? Learn more about 3dupsell.