This Sunday families around the country will be celebrating Father's Day. In fact, over 68% of Americans will be celebrating and  $13,300,000,000 will be spent on dads alone in the U.S. To encourage last-minute shoppers to buy from you instead of your competitors, here are few quick ideas:

1) Offer last minute deals or coupon codes!
Reminding your customers about some dad-perfect offerings you have with a coupon code for a discount of free shipping is a great way to entice customers to spend with you.

2) Remind customers about gift-cards.
Dads can be notoriously hard to shop for! 22% of Father's Day shoppers are looking to buy their dad a gift card. Remind potential customers that they can purchase gift cards from your store so that their favorite dad can pick out the perfect gift themselves. This is especially great for last-minute shoppers.

3) Make gift cards a great deal.
Why not combine the above ideas and run a discount promotion on gift cards? Offer $25 gift card for only $20 and you can capture some of  the last-minute shoppers but also still price-conscious shoppers.

Want to know more interesting eCommerce Father's Day facts? Check out the infographic below from our friends at Nextopia.

Fathers Day eCommerce Facts