The next evolution of the social web is behavioral targeting—and online stores are among the businesses that can benefit hugely.

New tools that track how people use the web represent the catalyst behind behavioral targeting. Like the name implies, these tools collect data on how people behave on your website. They analyze the data and turn it into actionable information that allows you to understand and target your audience with more relevant content.

You already see behavioral targeting at work in your day-to-day web browsing. For instance, you may see banners advertising a product, service or company you recently researched. Google searches are becoming more targeted based on factors like geography and search history, and Facebook reads your interest to attempt more relevant advertisements.

For businesses, behavioral targeting connects more consumers to the products and services that benefit them. Not surprisingly, behavioral targeting has also begun to play a huge role in the world of ecommerce.

You have the ability to identify customers when they visit your store and use that information to convert more sales. It’s all a part of our new 3dupsell feature.

3dupsell is a customizable service that uses behavioral targeting to reduce cart abandonment, increase conversions, learn more about your audience and get more out of your existing customer base. Through one of three different display methods, 3dupsell attempts to lure customers back into the sales funnel when they may be poised to leave without buying.

While attracting more conversions may be your first priority, 3dupsell does much more than that. By targeting customers with a newsletter sign-up call-to-action, you can turn a one-time customer into a regular. Trying to stay on track with your audience? Ask them to complete a survey that could offer useful information about how you can better serve their needs.

You control the parameters. Simply define what sorts of user behavior triggers a message, and 3dupsell delivers. How you use behavioral data to target your audience is up to you.

We’ll have a few more posts detailing how 3dupsell works in the future. For now, go here and check it out for yourself!