Wish list offer retailers so many different ways of leading to a sale. Wish lists make it possible for people to come back to your site and find the products they want while also sending traffic through their friends and family who they share lists with.

In a nut shell here are three ways retailers can increase sales through wish lists.

Return Visits

Research published by University of Glasgow showed that 74 percent of online shoppers use shopping carts as an “online wish list.” By placing items in the shopping cart, and then abandoning, shoppers are relying on your ecommerce site to remember their order.  Wish lists store items for individual customers so that when they return to the site they can easily find them again. By allowing customers the opportunity to return to your site and find their items intact in a wish list it becomes more likely they will eventually purchase these products.


It seems as though every month there is a need to buy a gift. But finding the right gift for that special someone isn’t easy. Luckily there’s gifting to help out. If a customer makes their wish list public then there is the potential for gifting, which is highly beneficial. Family and friends are unlikely to just stumble across a website if it is small so having them add items from your site to a universal wish list can help drive traffic. This leads to people purchasing products as gifts from your online store who may never have found it otherwise. They may also turn into customers themselves after discovering your site.


Customers may share their wish list with family and friends who will buy gifts off of it. Sharing creates traffic and sales outside of gifting. According to Mashable, a million links are shared every 20 minutes through Facebook. Wish lists can easily be shared as a link through social networks as well as through email. People who these links are shared with, discover your site and products and as a result, can become new customers.

Wish lists truly do lead to sales through return visits, gifting, and sharing. Retailers of all sizes should take advantage of the benefits of a wish list solution to help them turn their online store into a gift-shopping website destination.


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