In the world of eCommerce, gaining customer trust is vital. When first coming across your store, customers immediately gauge the trustworthiness of your site & your brand to decide whether they feel comfortable purchasing from you.

One the best ways to gain customer confidence is prominently displaying user-generated content like product reviews, testimonials, or even social media posts from your customers.  Just how effective is customer content at increasing your conversion rates?

According to a study by the Bazaarvoice network, one product review can result in a 10% increase in sales and 200 reviews can results in as much as a 44% increase in sales.

eCommerce reviews increase ROI

After analyzing 57 million reviews and more than 35 billion product page views, the Bazaarvoice network found that not only did product reviews increase the number of conversions, but also increased overall traffic, SEO rankings and encouraged other reviews.

Product Review ROI

Infographic & study by the Bazaarvoice network.