The vape industry is booming as more and more smokers are drawn to vaping as a healthier alternative to cigarettes. It's a great time to enter the market, and vape as a product has a marketing advantage that cigarettes can't really touch: customization!

Sure, you can roll your own cigarettes, but once a smoker settles on their favorite tobacco and paper, they're pretty much done. Vape enthusiasts on the other hand have set up entire online communities based around their personal modifications. Custom-built vape mods are often sold and traded, modified again and then resold. The vape community is full of real hobbyists who get true enjoyment from their craft— not just from vaping, but from building.

Some modders become famous in the vaping world, with their custom hardware commanding a high price among serious collectors. Many modders have the goal of becoming one of these big names. They are always buying new parts as they attempt to build the perfect vape mod. If you open an online vape shop and sell parts, vapers like these will be some of your best customers!

On the other hand, there are the vapers who just enjoy vaping, and don't feel the need to tinker with their gear. However, they will still need to regularly buy replacement coils, and may still be undecided as to their favorite e-liquid flavor. And even if they have a favorite already, they're going to need to replenish it eventually. So, what does all this mean?

Every vape customer is a repeat customer waiting to happen.

That's right; by selling vape, you are tapping into a multiple-stream market, and each stream runs forever. You'll have the modders coming back for more components, and for whole new box mods and tanks to play with. You'll have flavor-hunters coming back for more e-liquids to try. You'll have all kinds of vapers coming back to buy more coils and more of their favorite flavors. You'll have the potential for a lot of customers that will buy from you again and again.

You'll have new vapers just getting into it— put together some starter kits using bundles in your 3dcart store. Include everything needed to get started, and a downloadable pdf file with instructions. You can create other bundles, e.g. "Top 5 Flavors" including your most popular e-liquids, or whatever you can think of.

Another good point is that since vapers need to restock their favorite flavors, e-liquid is perfect for 3dcart's Time-to-Reorder app or Autoship module. Using these features, you can let your customers set up configurable reminders or even offer a full subscription service— also a good idea for replacement coils. It's also easy to implement a system for customers to leave ratings and reviews on products, which is a must in an industry where everyone has their favorites!

For all these reasons, the vape market is definitely worth a look if you're seeking a growing industry to target. For more information on how to get started, see our article How to Sell Online.


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