‘What’s in a name?’ is a new series we’re starting to learn the process behind naming some of our favorite companies. Today’s post comes from Hearthside Collection, providing Primitive Country Samplers, Pillows and Home Decor!

"The name Hearthside Collection means a great deal to me. My grandparents and my parents always had a fireplace, and I have many memories of cozy times by the family fireplace. The word “Hearthside” reminded me of the warmth of those times. 

My Hearthside Collection really is a reflection of the treasure of my family—a heritage painted with extended family, helping hands of neighbors in our rural and small town setting, of hard work and modest means, tied together with faith. When you browse my site, I hope you sense a bit of that, and I want my products to extend some of that warmth to your home." - Jacki  Alcorn

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