One of the most exciting tools in the online merchant’s social advertising arsenal is Facebook’s Carousel ads. Facebook’s Carousel format allows users the chance to showcase multiple images and links within one ad when selling on Facebook.

Better acquisition for your money.

Facebook boasts that Carousel ads have lowered advertisers cost per acquisition by 30-50% and lowered cost per click by 20-30%. While those numbers seem too good to be true, they make sense. By including more images and messages in your ads, your chance of triggering a response is much greater than with just one.

Ability To Showcase Brand/ Store’s Lifestyle

The Carousel format is great for online merchants looking to engage targeted users that would be interested in their overall store, instead of just one particular product. Using a suite of product images, eCommerce merchants can engage customers in their brand’s identity.


Hyper-focus on one product or feature

Do you have a unique product, or product line exclusive to your store? The Carousel ads allow you to tell one product’s story in much better detail than just a plain ad.




Stand out from the crowd.

Originally, the beauty of Facebook’s Ads was the seamless way it blended in to your feed of friend’s newsfeeds and updates. Now with a barrage of ads, sponsored updates and shared articles, you should be trying to stand out from the crowd of posts. With so much room for creativity, you can make your images pop and engage customers in mini-eCommerce catalog.




Learn more about how to create a Carousel ad here

Are you using Carousel ads for your store? Share your tips, tricks and thoughts in the comments below!

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