The rise of social media has given marketers a new perspective—one that changes that discounts some of the wisdom of marketing’s old guard. In the past, businesses looked at marketing as a one-way communication channel to draw in potential customers. Now, savvy marketers are starting a dialogue with their audience—and feedback forms have replaced the less effective, unpredictable surveys of yore.

But 3dfeedback is more than a way to get data on your audience and improve your product offerings. They also give you the ability to collect more leads, increase conversions, reduce cart abandonment and improve customer satisfaction.

Collect More Leads

Giving customers and potential customers the ability to provide feedback is a great way to log contact information for new leads. Differentiate potential customers from current ones by adding categories to all feedback forms that can help identify each audience. If your shopping cart software is robust enough, you’ll be able to set multiple feedback categories for communication pathways.

For example: have your support staff check any tech-related questions, while inquiries and feedback about site presentation from leads goes to sales staff, etc.


Increase Conversions

A famous fast food brand made a name for itself with the tagline “Have it your way”—and even today, the King still prevails. Apply similar rules to your feedback system and you’ll see conversions shoot up in no time.

You won’t be able to make every change a lead or potential customer suggests, but the ones that make your to-do list (or reflect a change already in the works) encourage the participant by making him or her a part of the brand. If you make a change, follow up with the shopper and let them know. The more brand champions you create, the more word-of-mouth leads you’ll gain as a result.


Reduce Cart Abandonment

We don’t always vocalize why we make certain decisions online, but a little thought goes a long way. When coherent feedback comes your way, your business gets a free opportunity see itself through the customer’s eyes. The improvements that you can make based on quality feedback help reduce cart abandonment.

In the age of analytics, feedback also gives you the ability to collect crucial data on promotions and their effectiveness; with the right insight, you’ll be able to optimize your campaigns to target higher quality traffic.


Improve Customer Satisfaction

When you put all of the pieces of the puzzle together, you’ll find that you have a more satisfied customer base. Grabbing new leads is a huge part of collecting feedback, but keeping your customer base satisfied by giving them a chance to be a part of the conversation is priceless. Depending on what you sell, more than half of your online business should come from return customers; it’s an inexpensive way to drive higher revenue and better business.

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