3dcart version 4.12.1: A Few Small Surprises to Cap Off 2012

The end of the year is approaching quickly, and 2013 will be a huge one for the ecommerce industry. To cap off 2012 and lead us into the next phase, 3dcart is launching version 4.12.1.

Keeping our software agile and always moving forward is a crucial part of how we keep your store on the cutting edge of commerce. The new version includes new third-party applications like Pay4Me, another trusted payment gateway. We’ve also bug fixes, improvements and new features.

If you’re interested in reading beyond the noteworthy, check out the full list of product improvements in 4.12.1. As always, join the conversation for new features and software improvements by visiting our Uservoice portal for new feature requests at https://3dcart.uservoice.com.

Here are the new items we think you’ll find most important.

Automated Waiting List Notifications

Don’t waste any time; send email notifications the second new stock arrives on waiting list items. Now, you can configure emails to send automatically for products that are back in stock. This feature saves precious time and converts more sales by actively keeping customers in the loop.

Descriptive Product Images on View Cart

For products that are available in different colors or presentations, use the “Dropdown Image” product option to display an unique image that represents each item. With the new setting "Use Dropdown Image option as view cart thumbnail" you can the image of the specific product being purchased displayed as the thumbnail in the View Cart page.

Better Inventory Tracking

There is much we can learn from the past. To offer merchants better product visibility, we’ve added an extra perspective on your archives product-specific inventory log. Past transactions affecting the stock of the product open in a popup window when you’re editing a product and click the stock number.

Keep a close eye on stock in real-time with a new feature for inventory on hold. When you’re editing a product, you can now view the total number of units on hold for open orders that haven’t been shipped or cancelled.

Constant Contact Email Marketing by Cazoomi

Using Constant Contact to run your email marketing operations? It’s one of the most popular email marketing platforms on the market. To add to our continually growing list of close partnerships, we’re happy to announce and add-on from our partner Cazoomi for automatic two-way sync with Constant Contact. Email marketing data and customer relationship management go hand-in-hand with this tight new integration.

A Historic Year for 3dcart

In 2012, 3dcart software has made significant advancements that mirror the growth of our company and the ecommerce industry as a whole. The final update of 2012 polishes off a long list of milestones that our product development team accomplished.

  • 9 new version releases
  • Tight new integrations with Doba, Facebook, AddShoppers, ReferralCandy, TaxCloud, Shopalize, Bizelo and more
  • The unveiling of Facebook Connect, 3dupsell and FraudWatch
  • Google Trusted Merchant integration and FedEx certification
  • New features for easier multi-store management
  • The addition of new in-house & partner-based marketing services around SEO, content marketing and more


Really, these are just a few examples of this year’s accomplishments. We’re looking forward to many more in 2013.

Of course, we couldn't have accomplished all of this without priceless feedback from customers like you. So please, we encourage you to raise your stake in 3dcart ecommerce software in 2013 and keep those great ideas coming as we plan to set trends for an explosive year in ecommerce.