With the introduction of Login with Facebook, online stores realize that they can increase conversions with the use of social logins. So when we came across this great infographic from Monetate, we knew we had to share. Not only does their research reinforce how important it is for merchants to consider Facebook Connect, they share some interesting statistics on how customers PREFER social logins.

Here are few interesting take-aways from the below infographic.

40% of consumers PREFER to use social logins for creating accounts and 60% of shoppers say they use Facebook Connect most frequently!  Consumers are getting more and more use to logging in with Facebook, making it seem even more laborious when they have to go through the process of filling out lengthy forms on other sites. Make it easy on your customers  and you will see happier customers, and less abandoned carts.

50% or more of consumers say they use social networks to provide feedback. I think that if more stores used Facebook Connect, this number would be higher! When you make it easy for customers, they are happy to give you feedback on your products and company and when they do it on social networks, they share it with all of their friends ( see next stat!).

60% of consumers go to social networking sites to read product reviews.  As a merchant using Facebook Connect to encourage social sharing, this is amazing!


Facebook connect and ecommerce infographic