Happy Cyber Monday! Since its inception in 2005, Cyber Monday has been online retailers favorite and craziest day of the year. Experts predict that consumers will spend more online today than any other day of the year - an expected $1.42 Billion. As the below infographic shows, consumers are going to be scouring social media to find the best deals which means merchants need to leverage their social communities to share their virtual-door-buster deals.
Here are some last minute Cyber Monday promotion ideas:
Promote your deals with images & text - Post images on Facebook and Twitter of your products on sale today, but also test text-only messages to see what kind of message your audience responds to best
Post promotion images on Pinterest - Pin your most visual-appealing deals to Pinterest and make sure to mention the price!
Promote your posts on Facebook - Today would be a great day to pay $5 to Facebook for a post that reaches more of your fan's wall
Hold a contest on Twitter - Retweet a tweet that mentions your Cyber Monday deals for $10 off your Cyber Monday purchase


Cyber Monday Infographic 2012