Go Mobile

It’s almost halfway through 2014 and if your online store isn't mobile accessible, you’re missing out on some serious sales potential. Ecommerce trends predict mobile sales, which increased by double-digit % over the last few years, to skyrocket online businesses into the black. Mobile shopping customers gravitate towards easy -to-find stores and stores that make mobile purchasing easy. Let’s get your online store on the highly profitable mobile bandwagon.

Step #1. Enable the mobile design of your website so customers can visit the mobile version of your site and purchase from you on the fly. 3dcarters can enable their mobile design here.

Step #2. Now that you've stepped into the light, evaluate how user friendly your mobile site is. Pretend you are a customer who hasn't been to your mobile site before and needs to purchase something. Take yourself through the process of researching a product and making a purchase.

Take note of the following:

Can customers search on your mobile site for specific products?

Can customers click on a product and read product descriptions on your mobile site?

Can customers easily understand your mobile site’s setup?

How involved is your checkout process?

Step #3. Check out your site on different mobile platforms to determine how responsive your site design is. You want your site design to look and respond the same on a desktop PC as it does on a tablet and smartphone. 3dcart offers several great (and free!) responsive site templates to 3dcart stores.

Remember mobile shopping is all about customer convenience. They have the luxury to comparison shop products as well as online stores. Make yours stand out with an amazingly accurate product search, a simple, secure checkout and a great responsive theme.