Have you ever Googled your name or your business' name? If you saw any random results unrelated to you and your business, you might be thinking that there is no way to knock those pages off the front page.

Luckily, BrandYourself.com analyzed over 130K users and millions of Google results to showcase how people look in Google and which profiles rank the highest. And what they've found could help you and your business own the front-page of Google.

Profiles that you should create for you and your personal brand today:

  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn profiles ranked higher than any other network
  • Wordpress: If you're looking to create a blog, use Wordpress. It outranked Tumblr and Blogger.
  • Vimeo: While your videos may get more views because of Youtube's popularity, Vimeo ranks higher in Google.
  • Flickr - If you want your photos to show up on the first page, use Flickr over other options like Photobucket.
Want to Look Better in Google? Better Read This First