Have you ever thought about what would happen if you couldn't actually access everything available on the web? What if some time in the future, you'll have to pay a certain fee in order to use Facebook or how would it make you feel if your Internet Provider told you that you're website was too busy, and in order to allow customers to continue to access your website, it was time to PAY UP? 

Indeed we've all been taking net neutrality for granted because it's always been here. What many do not realize is that this kind of web surfing and downloading freedom that we're enjoying at the moment can actually be taken away at any time.

Net Neutrality Defined

Net neutrality refers to the freedom of any user to access anything on the web without particular restrictions or without having to adhere to Internet regulation. It means that whichever your service provider is, you can still view the same websites as others, stream free movies, download your favorite music files, and more.

Advantages and Disadvantages Revealed

There has been a lot of discussion regarding this matter, with some people supporting net neutrality while others advocate for net regulation and limited access to specific sites and services.

A lot of individuals who are for net neutrality point out that it's important to maintain this kind of freedom so that network service providers will not take advantage of billing consumers with added fees. Plenty of big website owners and operators as well as online entrepreneurs are also wary of losing this net neutrality because they might also have to succumb to sucking up to these service providers in order for their sites to be availed of.

Furthermore, net neutrality is also deemed as a great vehicle for everybody to enjoy the same privilege online while encouraging creative expression and innovation. Just imagine, an ordinary student can make his voice heard through a podcast with the same opportunities provided for a multi-million dollar company blog.

In addition, several studies actually show that the explosive growth of the Internet over the years is mainly due to the freedom that net neutrality entails. It's one of the main reasons too why we currently have a very competitive online marketplace.

Now if this is so darn good, why is it that there are also numerous individuals and groups opposing it?

For one, it crowds the web because the growing number of users across the globe is flooding the cyber world with no inhibitions.

Second, network providers are saying that the extra profit can be used to finance infrastructure improvements and other upgrading programs that would benefit their users in the long run. This is why they are vying for tiered access, in which higher fees will be implemented depending on what services or websites you wish to have access to.

With these continuing arguments, there is no overpowering side at the moment that seems to be getting the upper hand. Hence, the norm remains. Net neutrality stays to be relished by users today, so long as it's here, but the FCC is hearing arguments from the telecommunications providers, and will be eventually making a decision.  You have the right to tell the FCC how you feel... 

What about you? What's your stand?