Bright Future

If you’re thinking about what is next for your business, consider going online. eCommerce rose 12% in the first quarter of 2014 and is projected to surpass $150 billion by 2018. But don’t think going online means you have to sacrifice your physical store location (s). Your new online business should be a complementary extension of your existing brand. So what are the benefits of your new online venture?

Expanding Your Product’s Audience

Even if your store is in an ideal location in your city, your local marketing probably won’t be able to cross state or international boundaries without the help of an online presence. An effective online store can attract a wide audience for your product.

Meeting Customers When and Where They Need You

58% of the 2 billion daily internet users are spending their time online shopping. If you have loyal customers that move out of town, or you convert a vacationer into a customer, how will they keep replenishing their supply of your product without an online store? Also, your store location has set hours, limiting customer access and potential customer sales. Establishing an online store will give customers 24/7 access to your product, from anywhere.

It's a Low Cost Investment

You have the existing inventory you are just opening it up to a new audience. Creating an online store is remarkably less expensive than opening an additional physical storefront. 3dcart offers a variety of store options to fit your business needs that will help build your online brand extension.

eCommerce will continue to grow exponentially, so don't miss out. Adapt your business to fit evolving customer needs. 3dcart makes it easy to take your business online, from store creation, to hosting, to installing SEO tools, we can help take your business to the next level.