The first step often means making the leap from eCommerce as a hobby to eCommerce as a business.

“So then it’s decided. We’re quitting our day jobs and making our online store a full-time business.” This was the leap-of-faith decision that Laura and Will Land made in 2003. They knew they had a desirable product and could see the rise of eCommerce on the horizon, but they had only been working on their 3dcart store part time and weren’t sure it would take off the way they needed it to. Despite their fears, they dove in and focused 100% of their efforts on making their business, Empire Case, a success.

This moment-of-truth decision is one that thousands of hopeful eCommerce store owners take; the transition from working part time on a hobby to making eCommerce their full-time, bread-winning business.

A recent study revealed there are more than 102,728 online stores in the U.S. making more than $12,000 per year in income, and these are just the listed ones – this does not include the mom-and-pop shops that may not have been considered in the recent U.S. Census Bureau report.

Unfortunately, most of these new eCommerce stores will fail within their first year of business. But that statistic did not stop Laura and Will. They decided their story would be one of success and set off to create a business that would last using a few key 3dcart tools to help them along the way.

The downloadable eBook offered below is not a get-rich-quick guide (trust us — we wish we found one that worked) but rather a practical guide to help you realistically achieve the results you want from your 3dcart store.

Use the tools in this toolkit to transform your website into an online empire by growing sales, engaging customers and creating brand loyalty. Through following the story of Will and Laura Land, and many other eCommerce successes, we will tackle the biggest issues preventing eCommerce success and give you a plan of action so your 3dcart store can thrive.

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