Version 5.4.1 Is Live! Here’s What You Need to Know

This week, we went live with 3dcart version 5.4.1. The rollout is part of our continued strategy to bring our customers rapid innovation through agile software development.

This latest version includes highlights like new third-party add-ons Address Verification (USPS) and Kount, as well as simple Recaptcha integration and a new support ticket feature built into the admin panel.

Overall, the benefits of these new add-ons include:

  • Cutting costs on packages shipped to the wrong address
  • Cutting costs associated with fraud, many of which can be crippling to small businesses
  • Increasing revenue by retaining customer loyalty through reliable, timely order delivery
  • Increasing revenue by giving you the confidence to expand into new markets
  • Saving time spent sifting through spam
  • Saving time usually spent on filing support tickets

Of course, not every feature we’ve debuted over the last year is perfect. A few need tweaking to get them right. As usual, this version has bug fixes and feature improvements based on your feedback. (Jump to the second half of the post for a complete list.)

Here’s a high-level view of version 5.4.1. Highlights include:

  • Address Verification: 3dcart partnered with USPS for Address Verification, a new add-on that reduces costly shipping errors, saving merchants time and money. When a shopper enters her shipping address during checkout, the add-on scours the USPS database for existing addresses and fixes typos and other errors before the purchase is made.
  • Kount: A new partnership with Kount extends 3dcart’s fraud protection capabilities. Kount uses an algorithm to determine the riskiness of transactions running through a store, alerting you to purchases that carry a high risk of fraud.
  • reCAPTCHA: Through Google’s reCAPTCHA, you now have a powerful alternative to the default captcha feature. This new capability keeps spam bots away from stores.
  • Support Tickets: Now, you can contact support with software issues directly through your administrative interface.
  • Improved Blog: Adding a blog to an online store is now more effective. The new version rolls out SEO, category and article improvements for better visitor visibility and navigation.

We’re always looking for feedback, feature ideas and ways to improve the software overall. Don’t hesitate to send us your thoughts through our feedback tab or using the “new feature request” forum threads.

For merchants interested in perusing the entire list of bug fixes and feature updates, visit the announcements section of the 3dcart forum. Happy selling!