webobble1Recently, long time 3dcart Merchant, webobble.com unveiled their newly revamped 3dcart site with a fully RESPONSIVE layout provided by 3dcart’s amazing design team!

The project itself was masterfully handled by 3dcart Project Manager, Renisha Glinton who coordinated efforts and worked closely with the design team and the folks over at webobble.com to ensure the merchant’s vision was met.

Apparently, they were very happy with the end result as evident by the wonderful care package of delicious looking cookies which were sent to Renisha this morning!



Renisha, I wanted to thank you for the great management you provided during my webobble.com [re-design]. Sincerely, Jeff Wolsky



webobble3We really hope Renisha will share some of these treats with us, but that smile on her face seems to indicate otherwise…  It’s ok though.  She’s more than earned it!

Congratulations to WeBobble.com on the great new design!  Check it out here!

Have you updated your site to a responsive design layout yet?  If so, let us know and we’ll be glad to announce your new look as well!  (Cookies are optional)