Google Universal Analytics is an updated version of Google Analytics that promises more features and better insights for your business.

Here are some of the benefits of Google Universal Analytics:

Universal Analytics can collect data from mobile apps and other devices such as gaming consoles and even kiosks! With Google Universal Analytics, you will be able to track all metrics from your website and your mobile application in one account. The Universal Analytics cookie is able to identify same visitors who are browsing from different devices and locations. In addition to tracking code for mobile applications, Universal Analytics tracks customer actions within your mobile application. You no longer have to add parameters to your tracking code to inform Google Analytics of a sign up or successful payment.

Cross-domain tracking has been simplified as well. Universal Analytics has an automatic link domain feature built in, so you won’t have to go through the exhaustive process of adjusting your tracking code to see your sub-domains in Google Analytics reports.

Here are some other innovative features you can add to your Analytics admin dashboard:

  • You can adjust session and campaign ID’s from the default of 30 minutes and 6 months to what you feel is appropriate for your website.
  • You can set which domains should be deemed as referral traffic as to not corrupt your metrics if you use third party shopping carts on different domains.
  • You can exclude certain search terms from your organic traffic metrics. For example, you may want to do this with your brand queries or URL queries as to not compromise the validity of your metrics.
  • You can create custom metrics and dimensions in your dashboard. This was something that had to be also configured in the code before (in classic Analytics these were referred to as "Custom Variables").


So, how do you get started with Google Universal Analytics?

For 3dcart customers, it's simple.  Once you convert your account to Universal Analytics, you simply check the box labeled "Enable Universal Analytics" under SEO Tools in the Marketing Menu.  For non 3dcart users, or for a website that is not built in 3dcart, in your Analytics account, Go to Admin-Tracking code and copy the code.  Replace the existing tracking code with the new Universal Analytics tracking code.

The time it takes to update your tracking code will vary depending on your current implementation and your tracking needs.  When this step is completed, you will have access to the full benefits of Universal Analytics, including all of its new features and improved reports

annaAnna Korolekh, international marketing manager and, in past, an SEO consultant at Promodo. Anna started her career in online marketing in 2007 from content-writing, later she was employed by the UK company Bullseyemedia as a link-building specialist and finally came to Promodo in 2011. As an SEO consultant Anna has worked with large sites of the following niche: gambling, dating, travel, eCommerce. Anna is a certified Google Analytics individual and a regular contributor to Promodo and external blogs.