Inbound marketing focuses on getting found by customers and not forcing them to look at you through advertisements (outbound marketing). Inbound marketing is permission marketing centered on relationships and natural SEO.

As an inbound marketing software, Hubspot is obviously all about 'inbound-marketing' but they have good reason to be. The  impact word-of-mouth and customer reviews on online sales is immense! Just check out some of these facts:

PPC: Only 41% of people believe that ads ( Google Ads etc)  are a good source of product information & 75% don't accept ads as 'truth'.

SEO: 61% of consumers use search engines to research products before a purchase

SOCIAL MEDIA: 90% of people believe brand recommendations from friends. Thats 20% more than those who  believe general consumer opinion

CUSTOMER REVIEWS : Products with over 50 reviews create greater return, 65% more than products with fewer than 5.