Webhooks have revolutionized the web, allowing information to be conveniently pushed to users instead of waiting for users to request information.  Today, businesses of every shape and size have come to rely on the magic of webhooks, and now 3dcart store owners can too.

What are Webhooks?

Webhooks are essentially user-defined HTTP callbacks, which are triggered when a specific event occurs at the source site. When the event occurs, the webhook collects the data and makes an HTTP request to the URL specified by you. The difference between webhooks and API is that the latter operates on request-based output mechanisms, while the former operates on event-based output mechanisms.

3dcart Webhooks

With our latest update, you can now take advantage of the tremendous power and flexibility of webhooks. With webhooks, you can create an enormously efficient, integrated workflow across numerous applications. They can notify you that an event has taken place, ensure that data is always in sync across all of your web applications, and help you easily automate processes between two connected applications.

Currently there are 3 events that can be used for Webhooks:

  • Customer New

New customer registers on your store

  • Order New

New order is created

  • Order Status Change

When an order's status is updated

To learn more about webhooks and how you can start using them with your online store, visit the 3dcart Knowledgebase.