Anyone into internet advertising has come across conflicting information about the effectiveness of Facebook ads. The great news for marketers everywhere is that Facebook advertising is alive and well, and has vastly improved in its targeting capabilities. Plus, the highly-anticipated 3dcart Version 8 release has a built-in integration for the powerful Facebook Dynamic Ads.


What are Facebook Dynamic Ads?

The key to any successful advertising campaign is making sure that your ads reach the people who are most interested in them. Facebook Dynamic Ads provide a system for targeting your ads with a precision that would be nearly impossible to set up manually. The ads are "dynamic" in the sense that they display products based on the viewer's perceived interests as determined through their browsing history. Facebook Dynamic Ads are:


  • Ads display different products to different viewers automatically.
  • Ads are ultra-targeted to the point that they are served on nearly an individual basis instead of to a defined "custom audience."
  • Ads are shown only to those who would find them interesting.
  • These ads are capable of displaying based upon tons of criteria including:
    • Which pages a visitor looked at on your site
    • If they made a purchase, or how far they got through the purchase process
    • If they added a product to their cart
    • And more, regardless of whether the customer used a different device when browsing your products


Facebook Dynamic Ads efficiently overcome most of the other problems of Facebook advertising, thus maximizing conversions and ROI by automatically displaying the right ads to the right people.


Facebook Dynamic Ads in 3dcart Version 8

3dcart Version 8 features a seamless integration with Facebook Dynamic Ads that will allow you to easily set up your custom audience pixel and automatically connect to your product catalog, which Facebook will pull from depending on the information from the pixel. Basically, you can connect your complete product list right to your Facebook ad account. All the targeting is done automatically.



Users of Facebook Dynamic Ads have reported vast increases in their click-through rates and conversions. Considering all the targeting is automated, it's also a huge time-saver, allowing increased productivity in other areas of the business. 3dcart store owners can implement their own advertising campaigns quickly and easily thanks to our new integration.


For more information about 3dcart Version 8, check out the exclusive sneak peek below and stay tuned to our blog for additional details!


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