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Digital Payments | 2 min read

It’s Time to Lay Google Checkout to Rest

It’s the end of an era: Google just announced its retiring Google Checkout on November 20th. Unfortunately for Google enthusiasts, the company hasn't announced any plans to replace the service with a new payment solution for ecommerce websites.

Digital Payments | 15 min read

Merchant Industry Pricing: How to Negotiate the Lowest Rates

You want lower processing rates. Every merchant wants to feel that they have wrung every last bit of savings that they possibly could out of their processor. Unfortunately, this challenge is harder to complete than may appear. In fact, because of the complexity of merchant industry pricing it’s the case that even after an apparently successfully negotiation you could still be significantly overpaying on your processing fees.

Digital Payments | 2 min read

5 Mistakes Online Credit Card Users Make

Below is a guest post from Instabill, an online payment processor specializing in high risk merchant accounts.

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