It’s the end of an era: Google just announced its retiring Google Checkout on November 20th. Unfortunately for Google enthusiasts, the company hasn't announced any plans to replace the service with a new payment solution for ecommerce websites.

The Google team is moving quickly to phase the service out. We suggest you do the same.

We are asking all 3dcart customers to discontinue use of Google Checkout on your online stores before this deadline.

Confused? Frustrated? Wondering why Google would do such a thing? There isn't much to say other than the search giant has its reasons. It’s likely that the service wasn't incredibly popular, so it shouldn't have a huge impact when it comes to ushering customers through the checkout process.

If Google makes a push back into payment processing in the future, 3dcart will make sure the new service is immediately available to merchants. But for now, we haven’t heard any plans to do so.

Our first recommendation for those of you searching for a replacement is 3dcart Merchant Account, powered BankCard Services Worldwide. It offers you a much more direct way to manage your revenue.

Need a payment alternative to credit card processing? We recommend PayPal Express. PayPal is another extremely popular option when it comes to paying online. It’s incredibly secure and associated with a trusted brand.

Looking for other familiar checkout options? Here are a couple of great payment processor integrations you can get for your 3dcart store.

  • Checkout by Amazon: As the world’s biggest ecommerce website, a lot of your customers might have Amazon accounts. Adding Amazon as a payment option is sure to help make an immediate connection with new customers and satisfy the needs of return customers.

Worried you’ll confuse your customers who aren't on top of the latest news from the Google camp? Be sure to let them know through your blog and newsletter. If you have a lot of customers using Google Checkout, it couldn't hurt to post it on your homepage, too.

Finally, remember to remove all mentions of Google Checkout from your website.