Sometimes companies create broad, and often arbitrary, marketing messages to pry new business from their competitors. As a 3dcart user, you have probably seen it: ecommerce software and shopping cart platforms boasting that their merchants “sell more” or that they’re "the best shopping cart” around. Some are cautious about their claims while others outright promise that you will sell more. But what measures are shopping cart software companies using to determine how their platform boosts merchants' sales?

As an online business, there are some important platform features you should look for when choosing a shopping cart solution to help build your business. You should find out if the shopping cart offers secure webhosting. Ask for the uptime/downtime statistics of the platform. And find out if they offer online marketing services to help grow your brand’s online presence.  If you are already a 3dcart customer, you've made a great choice.

Hosted ecommerce platforms like 3dcart offer an unparalleled level of security in comparison to basic webhosting accounts, which can be subject to hacking and site corruption. 3dcart’s hosted platform’s source code is guarded by a unique infrastructure that does not exist in the basic webhosting world. Also, as your business grows, having one “web guy” will not be sufficient. A hosted solution protects your company in case the “web guy” leaves and has customized your platform to the point where it is indecipherable to another developer. 3dcart ensures that your hosting solution is always up-to-date, which helps you sell more.

A comprehensive online marketing strategy will help advertise your product to a massive online audience. 3dcart’s platform outfits your online business with great blog and social media features to engage your audience and establish your product’s authority. 3dcart helps you find ways to engage existing customers and reach new customers, which helps you sell more.  Not to mention, 3dcart is one of the only shopping carts that exists today that actually has a team of search marketing professionals on staff, who's goal is to help you sell more.

With so many ecommerce companies promising you the brass ring of selling more, make sure to research and ask about the platform reliability and features, which can indeed help grow your business... and sell more.