3dcart's Henry Suarez has put together this AWESOME instructional video to help you build the perfect eCommerce website.

3dcart's Image Gallery feature gives merchants the ability to easily add product images and improve users' sensory experience. This is important because in traditional retail stores, customers can touch and try products before purchasing. To compete with the tangible benefits of the traditional shopping experience, ecommerce sites must emulate this sensory experience. By providing depth and perspective through a series of product images, ecommerce merchants can enhance the user experience of their sites and positively influence their customers' purchasing decisions.

Here are some effective product photography tips to help spotlight your product and grab visitors’ attention:

Tone Down the Background

The background of your product images should be subtle. Don’t use patterns or colors that will detract the customer’s eye from your product. Light or neutral colors are best for dark colored products. And for light colored products, use a darker background.

Size Your Images Correctly

The quality of your product images is a reflection of your business’s professionalism. Images should be high-resolution to give your images a crisp, detailed look. You don’t have to resize manually with photo editing software, because 3dcart’s Image Gallery automatically resizes and creates thumbnails for your product images.

Show All Available Options

It’s hard for customers to imagine your product in a different color without seeing an associated image. Display all of the different colors and sizes of your product. Also be sure to add product images of product features you mention in a product description. For example, if you mention a makeup compact has two mirrors, be sure to show where he second mirror is located.3dcart’s Image Gallery allows you to upload an unlimited amount of product images, making it easy to display a full array of your product options on your product pages.

If you offer personalized products, you could integrate a product designer tools like inkXE Product Designer Tool directly in your product page.

You want to put your product’s best foot forward, and in ecommerce this is done with high quality, professional images that accurately depict your product. And 3dcart’s Online Store Manager Gallery feature streamlines the product image enhancement process for you.  Learn More: https://support.3dcart.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/657/0/product-image-tips