As an online seller, you always need to be on the lookout for potential advantages. After all, competition is fierce, and it takes very little for a customer to hit the back button on your online store and decide to shop elsewhere. Anything you can do to make shopping with you faster and easier, and smooth out the checkout process, is important.

Amazon Pay is one such option that makes shopping at your online store more attractive by allowing customers with an Amazon account — and there are over 310 million of them — to check out on your online store using their Amazon credentials and payment information. Customers using Amazon Pay won't need to enter card information or a shipping address during checkout on your store. You still get their email address so you can provide customer service.

Here's what makes Amazon Pay so beneficial.

Trust and Security

By accepting payment through Amazon Pay, your online store gains the trust customers have in Amazon and its reputation for stellar security. They don't have to enter their information on a site they may not be familiar with, which many people are hesitant to do. Plus, seeing Amazon Pay on your website tells them your business standards are up to those set by the world's largest online retailer.


Great Convenience


Security of their personal information is one reason customers are reluctant to enter it during checkout, but another reason is that they're simply tired of needing to do it. Typing in a credit card number and shipping address can be very tedious, especially on a smartphone. With Amazon Pay, your customer only needs to click a button and enter their Amazon username and password. This is much more seamless, and the fewer barriers between the customer and checkout, the higher your conversion rate will be.


Mobile Optimization

The majority of customers shop on mobile these days, and each year the proportion of mobile shoppers rises. A mobile-friendly store and checkout have become absolutely essential for doing business in eCommerce. Amazon Pay is mobile-ready right out of the box, making it a perfect choice.


More Reliable Shipping


Every time a person needs to type information into a form, there's a chance they'll make a mistake. Since the customer's shipping information is synced from their Amazon account, you're more likely to get the correct address for their order. With a stronger chance for accurate shipping information, there's less potential for shipping errors.


Great Return on Investment

Amazon Pay, like all other payment methods, charges a transaction fee. While their fees are competitively low to begin with, they're offset further by the sheer popularity of Amazon and of Amazon Pay as a payment solution. The increase in conversions on your online store is well worth the fees, and Amazon Pay offers a great ROI.


Easy to Set Up

As long as your business has a presence in the United States and your products align with Amazon's Acceptable Use Policy, you can register to use Amazon Pay on your online store. Signing up for Amazon Pay is simple, and the only roadblock a merchant might face is the integration with their own online store. Fortunately, powerful eCommerce platforms like 3dcart come with built-in Amazon Pay integrations that make this connection easy — and 3dcart in particular includes many more features for growing your business with Amazon.



Overall, Amazon Pay is a fantastic payment method to implement on your online store and has the potential to boost your conversions significantly, as well as reduce cart abandonment. However, there's a lot more Amazon can offer your online business, and all eCommerce merchants should take a look. For more information, check out our free ebook below!


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