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Eliminate the Challenges of International eCommerce

Join 3dcart & Bongo International Tuesday, October 23, 2012 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT for our webinar: "Accept International Orders this Holiday Season! Eliminate the Challenges of International eCommerce"

eCommerce News | 1 min read

3dcart Shares Fulfillment Expertise With

3dcart's CTO and co-founder Jimmy Rodriguez recently shared eCommerce fulfillment expertise with the writers of in the article "The Starter’s Guide to Effective eCommerce Fulfillment."

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Mobile Commerce is On the Rise [Infographic]

Having a mobile friendly e-Commerce store is more important now than ever before! Data in a recent infographic from Statista, a leading German Internet statistics company, shows that there are close to 120 million smartphone users in the U.S. right now! The number of tablet users isn't too far behind either (around 60 million). This wave of smartphone & tablet users have quadrupled mobile e-Commerce sales over the past two years, proving to shop owners the importance of having a mobile friendly[...]

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90% Of People Believe Brand Recommendations From Friends

Inbound marketing focuses on getting found by customers and not forcing them to look at you through advertisements (outbound marketing). Inbound marketing is permission marketing centered on relationships and natural SEO.As an inbound marketing software, Hubspot is obviously all about 'inbound-marketing' but they have good reason to be. The  impact word-of-mouth and customer reviews on online sales is immense! Just check out some of these facts:

PPC: Only 41% of people believe that ads ( Google[...]

eCommerce News | 10 min read

How To Prepare Your eCommerce Business for Going Global

Many eCommerce businesses set the goal of going global. Even the smallest business can grow enough that they set their sights on the worldwide market. After all, eCommerce is already about reaching an audience beyond the "local." So, going global can feel like the natural next step for a business that's already serving an entire country.

However, you shouldn't rush into going global. It might seem simple to start marketing your online store internationally, but it's not as easy as that. If[...]

eCommerce News | 8 min read

Shift4Shop Support & Customer Service: The Complete Guide

One of the most important considerations when choosing an eCommerce platform is the type of support that will be available to you. As a business owner, you're sure to have a lot on your plate, so quick access to useful help and resources can make all the difference. Shift4Shop maintains a robust technical support and customer service system that provides several methods for you to get the answers to your questions and report any emerging issues.

We've made support options available for all[...]

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