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eCommerce Marketing | 1 min read

What's in a name: Hearthside Collection

‘What’s in a name?’ is a new series we’re starting to learn the process behind naming some of our favorite companies. Today’s post comes from Hearthside Collection, providing Primitive Country Samplers, Pillows and Home Decor!

eCommerce Features | 2 min read

4 Ways 3dupsell Could Increase Your Revenue

We recently launched 3dupsell. The brand new feature helps online retailers recapture shoppers before they leave your site.

eCommerce Features | 2 min read

How Behavioral Targeting Impacts Your Online Store

The next evolution of the social web is behavioral targeting—and online stores are among the businesses that can benefit hugely.

Apps & Integrations | 1 min read

3dcart + Bizelo

We are so thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Bizelo! In case you didn't know Bizelo provides small businesses with a large and growing collection of online web applications that are simple to use!

eCommerce News | 1 min read

Mobile Commerce is On the Rise [Infographic]

Having a mobile friendly e-Commerce store is more important now than ever before! Data in a recent infographic from Statista, a leading German Internet statistics company, shows that there are close to 120 million smartphone users in the U.S. right now! The number of tablet users isn't too far behind either (around 60 million). This wave of smartphone & tablet users have quadrupled mobile e-Commerce sales over the past two years, proving to shop owners the importance of having a mobile friendly[...]

eCommerce Marketing | 1 min read

The Content Marketing Explosion [Infographic]


Starting a Business | 4 min read

6 Ideas for Building a Successful Apparel Online Store

There is new great news for online retailers! Research firm eMarketer estimates that apparel and accessories will grow by 20 percent, to $40.9 billion this year, up from $34.2 billion in the last year.

So if you're an eTailer, you're in the right industry at the right time. But of course, the growing market opportunity doesn't necessarily mean your online apparel store will automatically see more sales. But with a little hard ( and smart) work  and the right eCommerce provider, your potential[...]

Web Design | 2 min read

What Is Web Accessibility?

When designing your store, you obviously should be focused on your customers' experience, but what some merchants and designers forget is that not every customer is the same. Beyond just design preferences, a portion of your potential customer-base has different abilities and needs when it comes to being able navigate and interact with the Internet. That is why designing with web accessibility in mind is so important.

Social Media | 1 min read

40% Of Consumers PREFER To Use Social Logins

With the introduction of Login with Facebook, online stores realize that they can increase conversions with the use of social logins. So when we came across this great infographic from Monetate, we knew we had to share. Not only does their research reinforce how important it is for merchants to consider Facebook Connect, they share some interesting statistics on how customers PREFER social logins.

Social Media | 5 min read

Facebook Connect: When, Where And How To Connect With Customers

Can you think of an online sign-up process that DOESN'T require an email address for completion? Its almost as assumed that a user has an email address, as they do a home address. And with good reason, today almost every online user does. With an email address a merchant can reconnect with users post-purchase, reach out after an abandoned cart  or send them a coupon for their next purchase. While capturing emails adds a layer of communication to you customer relationships, it doesn't tell you[...]

Web Design | 1 min read

The Art of Color Coordination

Close your eyes.

Success Stories | 2 min read

3dcart Store Spotlight: YogaHeart


Web Design | 2 min read

Introducing: The 3dcart Template Store

Creating design templates for 3dcart stores can help supplement a designer’s resume and bring in extra income (30 percent of every template sold).

Email Marketing | 4 min read

Successful Email Campaigns Calls To Action


Email marketing is an essential element in eCommerce marketing and but  has never been called easy. And one of the most important parts of a successful email campaign is the 'call to action' - the message that drives readers to the response you want them to complete. Writing an effective 'call to action' is part skill, part science. That's when we saw this extremely informative  infographic from the guys at, we knew wanted to share.

There was so much much useful information, we[...]

eCommerce Marketing | 10 min read

Reasons to Use Content Marketing in eCommerce

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the creation and distribution of creative, relevant content designed to attract your target audience. It involves creating and running an ongoing blog for the purpose of engaging with people and promoting your business’s goods and services. You can use this medium to speak to potential customers, address their needs, and show them how your product can be the solution to their problems.

Social Media | 7 min read

The Guide to LinkedIn for eCommerce: How to Maximize Your Presence

Starting an eCommerce brand may seem like a good (or even easy) idea. However, you’ll quickly realize that it can get complicated – especially in terms of getting customers through your virtual door. Finding your audience is an ongoing process and, unfortunately, at the beginning it can be painfully slow. Thankfully, there are ways to boost your brand’s visibility – and not all of them cost a ton of money. In the case of LinkedIn, promoting your brand doesn’t have to cost any money.

SEO | 2 min read

SEO FAQ #Infographic

SEO is confusing. Mostly because it is ever-changing. Once you feel like you have a good grasp on link-building tactics, Google goes and changes your algorithm and all of your techniques no longer yield results! So when we saw this SEo FAQ, we knew we had to share. We want to highlight out some important points:

1. Choosing Your Long Tail Keywords 

Long Tail Keywords are noted in the first portion of the infographic as having lower competition and higher conversion rate than general one-word[...]

Digital Payments | 2 min read

5 Mistakes Online Credit Card Users Make

Below is a guest post from Instabill, an online payment processor specializing in high risk merchant accounts.

eCommerce News | 1 min read

90% Of People Believe Brand Recommendations From Friends

Inbound marketing focuses on getting found by customers and not forcing them to look at you through advertisements (outbound marketing). Inbound marketing is permission marketing centered on relationships and natural SEO.As an inbound marketing software, Hubspot is obviously all about 'inbound-marketing' but they have good reason to be. The  impact word-of-mouth and customer reviews on online sales is immense! Just check out some of these facts:

PPC: Only 41% of people believe that ads ( Google[...]

eCommerce News | 10 min read

How To Prepare Your eCommerce Business for Going Global

Many eCommerce businesses set the goal of going global. Even the smallest business can grow enough that they set their sights on the worldwide market. After all, eCommerce is already about reaching an audience beyond the "local." So, going global can feel like the natural next step for a business that's already serving an entire country.

However, you shouldn't rush into going global. It might seem simple to start marketing your online store internationally, but it's not as easy as that. If[...]

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