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Shift4Shop News | 2 min read

Back to School With 3dcart U

We know you have many questions about how best to utilize 3dcart’s software to build your business. That’s why we created 3dcart University. Within our many practical articles and how-to tutorials you will find realistic step-by-step instruction to take you to the top of the e-commerce class! We work tirelessly to be your partner in building your online presence, and your business.

Shift4Shop News | 1 min read

3dcart Stores are NOT Affected by the Heartbleed Security Bug

By now, you've probably read in the news, or heard across the wire that the newest security bug code named "Heartbleed" has been spreading across the web for some time now, and has just been recently identified.  Since 3dcart is Level 1 PCI compliant, we have one of the most secure shopping cart platforms in existence today.  To learn more about how 3dcart protects your data, you can read more about our PCI Compliance.

Heartbleed is a flaw in the OpenSSL protocol (which is not used by 3dcart).[...]

Shift4Shop News | 1 min read

Visit 3dcart At IRCE In Chicago

Digital Payments | 2 min read

What Is Bitcoin? A Simple Analysis...

Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin… We’re hearing it everywhere, aren’t we? It’s being covered everywhere in the media, including a recent NPR story about a Bitcoin wallet theft—the humor in the story apparently that all the coins, wallet, and theft were virtual.While it is true that Bitcoin operates in an entirely virtual, e-commerce realm, its currency is very real for the businesses and individuals who use it.

eCommerce Marketing | 2 min read

Why Your Online Store Needs an Affiliate Program

With the vast range of competition you face in e-commerce today, any marketing help will certainly give you an edge over others and provide you great benefits in the process--- most especially if you can do it the practical way. An ingenious way of getting other people to promote your products minus the financial burden is to come up with an affiliate program.

eCommerce Features | 2 min read

3 Ways to Give Your Customers the Ultimate Shopping Experience

With all the online shops mushrooming all over, how in the world will you make sure that your customers will come back and won't go trooping to another store the next time around? Well, aside from having high quality products that offer something unique, you also need to ensure that each and every customer has a good time shopping at your Internet store.

Shipping & Fulfillment | 6 min read

Top Three Reason’s To Use a Fulfillment Provider

There is no greater time then in this year of 2014 to jump on the e-commerce business trail.  eMarketer recently announced that global B2C ecommerce sales will hit $1.5 Trillion this year and ecommerce sales will increase by 20.1%, a 2.1% rise from 2013.

Internet businesses can be faced with many challenges as the e-commerce arena broadens with more players and competition from traditional brick and mortar retailers, such as Kohl’s, enter the cyber market. Kohl’s have put their new store[...]

eCommerce Marketing | 8 min read

How to Write Online Product Descriptions that Sell

What should you do with a product page, besides allow people to add the product to their shopping cart? Obviously, you must include the product’s name, so potential customers can find the page. Product pictures are arguably just as vital for showing shoppers what to expect from a purchase. A few specifications may be necessary for aspects like measurements, condition, ingredients, and so on.

Customer Service | 9 min read

How to Write an Awesome Return Policy for Your eCommerce Store

Working in the world of eCommerce has its limitations, and part of your job as an online store owner is to overcome them. One such limitation revolves around the simple fact that a shopper doesn’t get to physically look at, or feel a product before making a purchase. In an effort to compensate for this, online store owners can create a return policy that’s succinct, informative, engaging and easy to understand.

Your eCommerce return policy is crucial for making returns and exchanges easy for[...]

eCommerce News | 3 min read

Why Migrating to 3dcart Makes Sense for Every Online Store Owner

Apps & Integrations | 3 min read

3dcart & SearchSpring Empower Online Merchants as mCommerce Gains Ground

As the dust settles on 2013’s holiday shopping frenzy and passes the baton to a promisingly bright 2014, the results are clear -- shopping from mobile devices will be a major focal point for online merchants. Online shoppers are relying more on the quick access and logistical freedom of mobile usage over traditional mediums like the desktop. The Pew Research Center released a report in June 2013 that says nine out of ten American adults carry a mobile device. Additionally, more than half of[...]

Social Media | 4 min read

Tweeting for Tweets-sake is Never a Good Idea

Apps & Integrations | 3 min read

eCommerce: Pre-­defined (Linear) vs. Dynamic (Non-­linear) Navigation

Success Stories | 2 min read

Turn Your 3dcart Store into an Online Empire

eCommerce Features | 9 min read

Expand Your Business by Running Multiple Online Stores

Building, managing and constantly perfecting your online store can feel like a lot of work – especially if you’re a small business with an even smaller team. So, the idea of building a second online store probably sounds like something you have no time or energy to handle. But, running a secondary online store that branches off from your original business can actually pose some significant benefits to your bottom line.

Conversion Optimization | 4 min read

Killer eCommerce Conversion Rates Start with Exceptional Product Photos

If you’re an online store owner who fails to showcase amazing photographs of your inventory, then you mind as well take the money out of your wallet and set it ablaze.

If you want to thrive in the eCommerce Ocean, then I highly suggest you get behind the following tips for product photo optimization. Choose to ignore them and do so at your own peril.

Shift4Shop News | 4 min read

3dcart Offers Resources to Help Online Store Owners Thrive

Customer Service | 3 min read

How to Turn First-Time Buyers into Year-Round Shoppers

Conversion Optimization | 6 min read

An Online Store Owner’s Guide to Window Shopping

Success Stories | 4 min read

15 Beautifully Designed 3dcart Stores to Envy & Emulate

The land of eCommerce is a superficial place. Online shoppers are quick to pass judgment based on half-minute glimpses, and if they aren't impressed by a store from the start, they'll likely bounce without buying and never return. Knowing this has made the creation of a beautiful, streamlined website crucial for success, and if you're committed to being successful, your online store better be pretty.

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