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Success Stories | 8 min read

Meet Dr. Sian Proctor: Inspiration4 Crew Member & Shift4Shop Contest Winner

As a crew member on the Inspiration4 mission to space, Dr. Sian “Leo” Proctor has an impressive resume. Not only is she slated to become an astronaut on the first all-civilian mission to orbit, but she’s also an accomplished geoscientist, artist, and entrepreneur.

Success Stories | 4 min read

How Pearls of Joy Revolutionized Online Jewelry with 3dcart

Most aspiring entrepreneurs have heard how important it is to narrow down a niche, but many don't fully understand the effect such specialization can have. The narrower your niche is, the more tightly you can focus all your business efforts. If your niche is too broad, you risk spreading yourself too thin and becoming vulnerable to a larger number of competitors.

"Niching down" is something Kevin Canning, founder of Pearls of Joy, understands very well.

In 2002 he grew tired of working on other[...]

Success Stories | 2 min read

From BigCommerce to 3dcart: Featuring Faith Vessels Pottery for Worship

Unexpected expenses may seem like a fact of life, but they don't always have to be. 3dcart maintains transparency in its billing, and is determined never to surprise a merchant with additional charges. This sets us apart from other platforms in the eCommerce industry, and the merchants flocking to 3dcart agree. One such merchant is Faith Vessels Pottery for Worship, based in Springfield, Missouri.

Success Stories | 2 min read

Replatforming from Volusion to 3dcart for Growth

Successful entrepreneurs are always on their toes, ready to seize opportunities and respond to issues as they arise. An online seller needs a complete set of powerful, reliable tools to utilize and bring their business to its full potential, and more and more merchants are making the switch to 3dcart as they find their current platforms, regardless of size or big name, are not meeting their needs.

Success Stories | 2 min read

Bean Bag Chairs and the Pursuit of Search Excellence

Sumo Lounge’s bean bag chairs were the first of their kind. But it takes more than a great product to establish a lucrative retail business.

Success Stories | 2 min read

From SunShop to 3dcart: Featuring Gridsport

The eCommerce industry is ever-evolving, and in order to compete in one of the most competitive markets, online businesses are forced to adapt and embrace the latest trends and technologies. Unfortunately, few eCommerce platforms offer merchants the necessary tools and services to succeed long-term.

Success Stories | 2 min read

From Volusion to 3dcart: Featuring Wedding Favor Discount

As online shopping continues to dominate the commerce landscape, more and more eCommerce solutions are launching to meet the needs of aspiring entrepreneurs. And while an expansive and diverse selection of platforms is a perk for merchants on the eCommerce hunt, it can also make the process uncomfortably reminiscent of finding a needle in a haystack.

Success Stories | 1 min read

3dcart Success Stories: A Peek into Successful 3dcart Stores

Over the years, 3dcart’s community has grown exponentially, with everything from small craft shops to some of the world’s biggest brands having launched with or switched to the 3dcart platform.

In today’s digital age, tackling the eCommerce market is a rewarding yet unquestionably laborious affair, especially without access to the right tools, features and support. Unfortunately, many of our now prosperous and flourishing stores know first hand the trials and tribulations associated with not[...]

Success Stories | 2 min read

From Bigcommerce to 3dcart: Featuring Island Jay

Choosing an eCommerce platform is one of the biggest decisions an online merchant will make in the course of their business’s lifespan. Depending on your business size, product and budget, numerous factors may influence your perception and definition of the perfect eCommerce solution, including price, ease-of-use, built-in features, customer service, uptime, speed, apps, themes, and available paid services.

Success Stories | 2 min read

From OsCommerce to 3dcart: Featuring Holy Chocolate

There’s never been a better, more promising time to start an online store. According to studies, consumers are expected to spend $1.672 trillion online this year worldwide, a figure that is expected to more than double by 2019 to $3.551 trillion! In the United States alone, eCommerce sales for 2015 are predicted at $375.89 billion, up 14.3% from last year’s $328.6 billion.

Success Stories | 2 min read

From Homestead to 3dcart: Featuring BeadBuddies, a Bead Supply Store

It’s the holiday season and businesses everywhere are desperately scouring the eCommerce market for a platform to meet their needs in the months ahead.

Success Stories | 2 min read

From Cart Keeper to 3dcart: Featuring Bumbini, a Cloth Diaper Company

At 3dcart, we’re dedicated to providing online retailers with the best, most innovative eCommerce solution available. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, which is why our platform was built and designed with customer feedback in mind, ensuring merchants have the tools they need and want to succeed in a growing and competitive market.

Success Stories | 2 min read

From Bigcommerce to 3dcart: Featuring Flipo Group, Ltd.

3dcart is always looking for ways to improve our platform, technical support, and services for our 17k+ merchants. Our continuous efforts and innovative developments have not gone unnoticed, with thousands of online businesses making the transition to 3dcart’s easy to use, feature-rich platform.

Success Stories | 2 min read

From Volusion to 3dcart: Featuring The Birdsafe Store

3dcart understands the needs of small businesses, which is why our platform boasts countless features, industry-renowned technical support, and affordable prices for small and large businesses alike. Over the past 18 years, we’ve developed and improved our platform to meet the changing, evolving needs of businesses everywhere, increasing security, improving performance, and implementing free, cutting-edge features and responsive themes for businesses on a tight budget.

Success Stories | 3 min read

3dcart’s Spooktacular Halloween Showcase

Halloween is just around the corner and millions of people are hastily prepping for another festive, ghost-and-ghoul filled day, including our 3dcart merchants! That’s right, it’s 2015 and physical retail establishments aren’t the only ones getting in on this year’s $7.9 billion dollar expected goldmine; online merchants are here for the reaping as well!

Success Stories | 2 min read

From Bigcommerce to 3dcart: Featuring Lucy’s Country Crafts and Antiques

The eCommerce industry is ever-evolving, with new, innovative technology reshaping the online landscape on a regular basis. At 3dcart, our team of renowned developers release frequent updates to ensure businesses of every size have access to the latest tools and services necessary to succeed in one of the most competitive, growing markets.

Success Stories | 6 min read

American-Made Online Stores

While eCommerce is a global phenomenon, everyone has a special bond with the country they call home. 3dcart is like that, too — eCommerce transcends national boundaries and we have team members from all over the world, but we've all come together in our US headquarters with the same mission: to build something awesome.

In honor of Independence Day (July 4), we're showcasing a few American-made online stores that are thriving on 3dcart. They cover a variety of industries, but each represents an[...]

Success Stories | 6 min read

Celebrating 3dCart Startup Dads!

Success Stories | 1 min read Launches Responsive Site on 3dcart!

Recently, long time 3dcart Merchant, unveiled their newly revamped 3dcart site with a fully RESPONSIVE layout provided by 3dcart’s amazing design team!

Success Stories | 4 min read

3dcart Mompreneurs Part 3

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